• To provide end to end logistics services with seamless rail/road connectivity for Export/Import & Domestic cargo for the industries of Punjab at large.
  • To operate Multi-Model Logistics Park (MMLPs) with value added services i.e bulk cargo handling, cargo stuffing, packing, storage etc. and Private Freight Terminal (PFT) facility.
  • To operate multi-commodity special purpose warehousing including bonded warehousing.
  • To provide direct services to & fro gateway ports i.e Mundra/Pipava/JNPT etc. through feeder route connecting Western Dedicated Freight Corridor.
  • To provide value added services/logistis in the form of cold chain logistics, air cargo logistics auto logistics etc., all with the aim of reducing the cost of logistics and making units globally competitive for the industries of the area/state at large.
  • To provide services in the field of foodgrain handling with specialized storage silos & operate mandi facility.